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Monday, February 28, 2011

Adverbs and Weather

We normally would do Science on Tuesday, but we have other plans for tomorrow, that I will share tomorrow. So today we are doing Science, namely the weather. DJ bombed his assignment last week on layers of the atmosphere, so we will be reviewing that. We are also reviewing grammar, namely adverbs. Every time I think we have it down, it just seems to fade away. At any rate the two videos below can be used in your homeschool lessons as well. I also found a great kids weather website, with games and all kinds of other activities. It has been exceptionally hot and dry here, in northern Florida. It will cool a bit over night. The pool is coming along nicely. I do not like to shovel snow, but 6 inches of algae is not much fun either.

Lesson Plans For 02/28/11:

Science: Review layers of the atmosphere from previous week, what causes weather, weather instruments, weather whiz kids website
Head of the Class: 30 minutes
Math: Saxon 54
Language Arts: Adverbs, exclamatory sentences
Spelling: Chapter 19, write each word three times each
Writing: If time permits

Head of the Class: 30 minutes
Science: Weather, mammals- bats
Math: Subtraction, money
Language Arts: The big idea, suffixes
Phonics: Little e
Word Search
Printing Practice
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting


Richele said...

Thanks for stopping by Under the Golden Apple Tree.

I sure wish I was homeschooling in Florida! I love your lessons for today and those videos. I will be showing those to my kids!

Anne said...

My younger daughter loves the weather, I will have to show her your video. Good luck with the pool. Now I want to lie around in the sun.

Melissa said...

Richele I love your blog, and you are welcome.
Anne, you might get a wicked sunburn with all that snow for the sun to reflect off of.

peter kenneth said...

you write so good .... !!! i can't believe this !!! you are among those writers who have ability to attract readers.... amazing .... keep it up !!!!!

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