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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hart Springs Gilchrist County

For this weeks Social Saturday I am sharing another one of the beautiful local springs with my readers. Hart Springs is located in Gilchrist County Florida, and boasts camping, swimming, fishing, nature trails or just plain relaxing. You do have to swim at your own risk, and fee is 4 dollars for youth and adults, under 5 free. We have only been to this particular springs once, and I can tell you the water is shockingly clear and beautiful. In the Spring the springs are full of fish that come into breed and lie their eggs. It is stunningly beautiful. We are planning a trip this next coming week, as the weather is supposed to be warm. DJ hopes to get some awesome fish pictures. I noticed on their website that they accept volunteer work. I have been trying to find something appropriate for kids of my age to volunteer at, so I will be inquiring about this. If you live in the Gilchrist County area and are in need of a playgroup or homeschool group, please consider joining our small group. If you are interested you can check out or group homepage at We are always welcoming new members.


Veronica Lee said...

Hart Springs looks like a beautiful place to visit. I can almost feel the serenity.

Hope you find some volunteery work soon. Good Luck!

Melissa said...

Thanks Veronica Lee.

Mary said...

I am a public school teacher in NM. I always enjoy your site!

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