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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Field Trip To Hart Springs

Today would be a scheduled play date for us, with our play group. But since some members were still unable to attend, we took a field trip to Hart Springs. DJ took some wonderful pictures of his own, and will share them on his blog on his Friday blog post. The picture with the two of them is actually looking up the Suwannee River, which feeds into Hart Springs. We saw a lot of fish and squirrels, and a few birds, but no turtles or manatees. This particular spring is considered a hot spring with a water temp of 72 degrees all year. The very first picture was actually taken by DJ and shows one part of the Spring where the actual water that feeds the spring comes in. Hart Springs also has underwater caves that you can dive in. You must be a certified diver, and be accompanied by a certified diver familiar with cave diving. It is a quite lovely park and I would recommend anyone visit it if given the chance. You can rent cabins, plus camping and RV campgrounds. Prior to leaving for the springs we did our lessons on Head of the Class. Tomorrow will resume regular lessons and classes.


Richele said...

That's beautiful! I look out my window at a cold snowy day...which can be beautiful also...but your pictures and post brought me relief from the cold. I love the pictures!

Anne said...

That sounds os beautiful. It sounds like you had a great field trip. Like Richele, I am surrounded by feet of snow.

Melissa said...

Richelle and Anne, my kids really would love some snow. I think I am the only one boycotting it.

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