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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fanning Springs Field Trip

Today we took a trip to one of the hundreds of fresh springs, that Florida has. The Springs are not only a natural resource and habitat for the state of Florida, but also a major tourist attraction. Today we went to Fanning Springs for Science class. We are learning about plants, habitats, and natural resources. What better way to learn than hands on. DJ took some awesome photos which he will be sharing on his blog, Friday, for his writing assignment about Fanning Springs. I would love to visit more of the local springs before the weather gets to warm and the critters come out. There are so many fun ways to teach Science, that have nothing to do with books and tests. I wish I could find one for grammar and language arts. If anyone knows of any, I would love to hear them. Tomorrow we are back to our more traditional methods of learning.

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