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Monday, January 31, 2011

Mellow Monday Homeschool

Well it is Monday, again, and the last day of January already. Can you believe it. We had a very active and social weekend. Yesterday was warm, and a lot of yard work and garage cleaning got done. Today is a new theme for me Mellow Monday Homeschool. Instead of books and hard core lessons, we will be more mellow. Today we are going for a walk, Candy Land board game after lunch, Google Doodle art contest, and DJ's today was his best yet. Caitlin's best was her zoo animals on Friday. We are almost ready to send in our entries, in the middle of Feb. If you want to enter see my archives for all the details, or Google, Google Doodle. I got the coolest interactive reading website year membership for FREE, called Today is Caitlin's first day using it, and she seems to be enjoying it. If you go to the Facebook page Homeschooling for Free, you might still be able to use the code. I am unsure how long it was for. I did not have to mention this in my post to get the code, so don't worry about that. DJ also has a writing assignment due today, and if time permits he can play online math games. I don't know if anyone else is watching all the rioting in Egypt, but it is getting kind of nerve racking now.


Anne said...

I have been watching the rioting and I hope everything calms down soon. Egypt is such a peaceful country, the people must be really distressed to riot that way.

Melissa said...

I hope it ends in a good way for the people of Egypt.

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