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Monday, January 3, 2011

Report Cards, and Birds Fall From The Sky

Did you see this recent incident in Arkansas? It is reported that thousands of birds literally fell dead from the sky on New Years Eve 2010. View the video below to see and hear more. Very creepy if you ask me. CNN also reported that not long after the birds fell from the sky, 125 miles away there was a huge amount of fish that floated up dead. Wow!

It is time for second quarter report cards. Caitlin does not get a graded report card, but more of a progress report. She is doing well and can now skip count by twos to twenty with no prompts or manipulatives needed. She will begin going to 40 in quarter 3. She has mastered riding her bike without training wheels, and can almost completely tie her shoes on her own. She has almost completed her addition math book, and will begin subtraction in the next quarter. Reading phonetically continues to improve. I have tried to encourage her to spell phonetically but she does not want to. She wants to memorize the spelling words so they are correct. Oh to be such a perfectionist. I am overall pleased with her progress, with no real concerns at this time.

DJ's report card is as follows:

Reading Comprehension: 88, 89 last quarter.
Language Arts: 86, 92 last quarter. Mainly due to new information and needing to memorize all the things he has learned.
Spelling: 98, 100 last quarter.
Math: 86, 86 last quarter. This was a huge relief for both of us.
History: 97, 94 last quarter. He is really enjoying the Ancient Times curriculum.
Science: 91, 92 last quarter. Continues to work on giving more complete scientific answers.
Blog Writing, Art, and Sign Language: All very good with no major concerns at this time.
Handwriting remains satisfactory, but can always be improved for both children.


Anne said...

I saw the news story about the birds and the fish. I hope they can figure out what caused it. Congrats on the great report cards.

betchai said...

that's sad, about thousands of brids and fish died, hope they will be able to determine what caused it, if it is from the air or from the water or both.

Melissa said...

Anne, and Betchai on the early news this evening they still did not know why it happened. I hope it wasn't some awful biological thing. It really makes no sense.

Cheryl @ On the Old Path said...

I saw this story about the birds but I did not hear about the fish. How strange. Thank you for your kind words over on my blog.

Veronica Lee said...

I read about the birds in the newspaper.Scary, isn't it! Kinda like a harbinger of doom.

Congrats on the great report cards!

Melissa said...

Cheryl and Veronica I hope it was just a fluke. Thank you for stopping by.

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