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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Parts Of A Plant, and How To Grow Watermelon

Today is Science class, and today we are learning about parts of a plant, and growing plants from seeds. Speaking of growing things from seeds, next month in Feb. for a 4H contest we are going to attempt to grow the largest watermelon. The winner wins some kind of a prize. So I thought we should start learning how to grow a watermelon. I do OK when I grow fruits and vegetables, and then poof something eats it. So pest control will be our biggest issue. Lucky for me I did a review for Ecosmart and have the gardening pest control to use.

Lesson Plans For 01/18/2011:

Science: Flowers and seeds, recycled air, gazing at the sky
Spelling: Chapter 13 write each spelling word three times each
Math: Saxon 54
Sign Language
Writing: Pure description

Science: Parts of a plant, flowers and seeds, dinosaur lapbook
Printing Practice
Math: Addition, telling time
Language Arts: Words to know, consonants
Find and color words in a group
Calendar work, clock work, skip count to 40 by twos, sight words

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