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Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Brief History Of Brazil

Today is actually Health class, but we are making up History class from yesterday. We have been studying various countries and have covered Canada, and Mexico. Now we start Brazil. For a brief history of Brazil the video below is cute. You can find free printable maps of Brazil here. For facts about Brazil you can go to Wikipedia. Portuguese is the official language in Brazil and here are some common terms: Bom dia; good morning, Adeus; goodbye, Obrigado; thank you, Coma esta; how are you, Sim; yes, Nao; no, Casa; house, Escola; school. Next week we will be doing the Amazon in Brazil.

DJ has been learning about the major parts and functions of the human body. He has been watching videos, all are in the archives, and reading assignments. Now I found worksheets to accompany each chapter as well. He will be doing the Heart today.

Lessons Plans For 01/13/11:

Math: Saxon 54
Health: The heart with questions
Scientist research paper on the internet
Social Studies: Chapter 14 Ancient Times, map skills, Brazil
Spelling: Review
Language Arts: Adverbs and conjunctions

Seasons lapbook: Penguin coloring page
Language Arts: Blends, plurals, consonants
Math: Addition
Health: Parts of the body for lapbook
Find and color the words: Wordsearch
Printing Practice
Over, under, in, on, across: Desert animals worksheet
Spelling: List 13
Social Studies: Brazil
Number ID
Clock work, skip counting, calendar work, months of the year, sight words

Lesson Plans For 01/14/2011:

Reading: Read 3 chapters of Percy Jackson
Spelling Test
Math Test
Writing: Blog post- imagine you are a dolphin living at Seaworld. Write a short story about your day.
Art: Draw Write Now Native Americans: The Gatherer

Reading: Crab Traps and Frog Cops
Art: Draw Write Now Native Americans; the gatherer
Art: Finish drawing the picture of the snowman for Winter season door.

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