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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Bullet Ants

Tomorrow we start back to school, though Monday and Tuesday will still have more socialization time than book work time. Caitlin will be continuing with her animal studies. She got an Animal Planet coloring book in her stocking, so now I don't have to print off all the animals for the book. It is a nice book with information too. Tomorrow is bullet ants. All ants are nasty, yet fascinating creatures. These particular ants have a sting so painful it feels like you have been shot with a bullet. Thank goodness they only live in Tropical Rainforests, unless of course you live or visit there. The video does not talk but is a cool virtual Rainforest camera that captures the little critters at work. There were others that were very graphic that I was not comfortable showing my six year old. I don't want her up with bad dreams, or refusing to go outside. Because we have 4H tomorrow afternoon, instead of in the evening, classes will be shortened. We will be having cooking class and baking and decorating the rest of the Christmas shape cookies for our 4H friends.

Lesson Plans For 01/10/2011:

Spelling: Review
Math: Saxon 54
Photography: Birds eye view bugs eye view see DJ's blog for photos
Writing: My Seaworld trip blog post
Sign Language

Math: Addition, number ID
Language Arts: Consonants, blends, plurals
Printing Practice
Calendar Work, clock work, sight words, skip counting
Animal Book: Bullet Ants
Spelling: List 13
Read sentences to color the picture

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Aysha said...

Sounds like a good plan. Good Luck

Veronica Lee said...

You always have such awesome plans lined up for the kids. What a great mom!

Best of Luck!!

Anne said...

Your video totally gave me the heebie jeebies. I hate ants. I can just imagine the ones you thought were inappropriate. I would have nightmares too.

Melissa said...

Thanks Aysha and Veronica Lee. Anne I do not like insects of any kind. But I do have to admit ants are the most industrious little creatures. The other videos were too much for me.

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