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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Plants, Pollination, and Photosynthesis

Continuing with our lessons about plants and pollination. This week we are covering photosynthesis. I read an interesting article in National Geographic about de-forestation and the destruction of soil. Without plants this great planet of ours can not survive. They provide us with the oxygen we need to breathe and survive. Plant a tree, plant a garden, plant something. As our population continues to grow, we will need more and more plants to feed the population, as well as give off oxygen for the population.

Lesson Plans For 01/25/11:

Science: Plants and photosynthesis
Math: Saxon 54
Spelling: Chapter 14, write each spelling word three times each
Sign Language

Science: Hibernation, plants and pollination, dinosaur lapbook, animal book, seasons lapbook
Math: Addition
Language Arts: Consonant digraphs or blends
Sight Words- with syllables game
Printing Practice
Color and find words in a group: Word find
Words to know: Worksheet
Calendar work, clock work, skip counting


Sam of Mykairosexperience said...

Very educational post! I remember this lesson in my elementary years:)

Melissa said...

I remembered most of it LOL! It is amazing what our brains can recall from so many years ago.

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