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Monday, January 10, 2011

The History of Photography

I have some interesting videos to share with you. You may know DJ is studying photography for 4H. The History of Photography video below is very interesting, and should be watched by everyone in my opinion. I didn't know most of what they said, up to the point about Kodak.

Tomorrow is only a half day of lessons. We have to take in DJ's entry for County Events, for 4h, and then to the park for our first playdate of the year. Science will be the main focus for tomorrow. DJ and Caitlin will be learning about trees. The three videos below will talk about common trees in nature, identifying different trees, and identifying the leaves of trees. They are all very interesting.


Femmepower said...

I'm pretty sure DJ is enjoying photography so much, melissa. can u post his entry too?

Melissa said...

I posted it Rochelle. Thanks for asking.

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