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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Community Helpers Song and Video

If you have a child in first grade, then you know a lot of what they learn for Social Studies centers around learning about the community. Caitlin is covering Community Helpers today, and this video is very cute. You will have to read it to your child if they can't read at this level yet. It is funny because her textbook paper that covers Community Helpers has a burglar as a community helper. I got a kick out of that. Caitlin decided to hide her second notebook of site words on me, so now she is reading a book a day. We will see if she finds it, or wants to continue to read a book every single day.

Lesson Plans For 01/19/2011:

Social Studies: Chapter 15 Ancient Times, MLK JR, Map Skills
Spelling: Chapter 13 write each word three times each in cursive
Math: Saxon 54
Sign Language
Language Arts: Conjunctions

Social Studies: MLK JR, Community Helpers
Math: Addition, telling time
Printing Practice
Language Arts: Words to know, consonants
Color and find words in a group
Calendar work, clock work, skip count by twos to 40, sight words

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