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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Yay A Snow Day!!!

Yay the kids woke up to a free day off from school due to snow! LOL no it didn't actually snow here, but GA did get hammered a couple of days ago, only an hour and a half away from us. I actually didn't make any lesson plans for today assuming I was going to need it for a conference call with my weekend job. I was right, and the kids got a free day off from school. They did have to catch up on chores including dusting, room cleaning, and the sink in their bathroom got scrubbed. It has been a rather informal week of schooling this week.

So where do you find your local school weather closings. I have found two very nice resources for such information. just type in your school and other info needed and it will give you the updated information. If you are a text fanatic you can text 242242 with your school name and address with the question school closing, and they will text you back the info you request. It is a free text if you have unlimited text in your cell phone plan.

It is freezing here in FL, so I can't imagine what it is back home in the North. Stay warm and stay safe.

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