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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Animal Hoarders On Animal Planet

Have you ever seen this show? It is about people who basically hoard or collect animals. I love animals. My kids love animals. With animal control the way it is here, and people to irresponsible to spay and neuter pets they don't really want, I can see how this could easily become so easy to do. My kids would take in every stray, if I would let them. It is especially a problem with cats. Cats mate a lot and they have kittens at least three times a year. This has been an ongoing problem here. There are a lot of stray cats. While I will not take them in, for one I am allergic, nor will I be responsible for others irresponsibility, I do leave water out there, and food if I know a momma has had kittens in my bushes. I wish I could afford to catch them and have them all fixed but I can not, it just isn't possible. I feel for these people because they start out with good intentions, like most acts of kindness, and it just spiraled out of their control. Definitely a show worth watching, and I hope I remember to watch it next week.


Anne said...

I love my cats but I can't imagine living like that. I feel so badly for people in that situation. After having a hysterectomy I can certainly understand the feeling.

Melissa said...

I know that is what I said too.

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