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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Fun Educational Kids Videos: Addition and Adverbs

I have probably mentioned before that teaching and grading language arts, is one of my least favorites. It is boring to learn, teach, and grade. So I am always happy when I find fun videos or resources that help me, and my children. For some reason DJ especially dislikes adverbs. So I keep repeating lessons, until he has it down. I found this interesting video below. Caitlin has just switched to subtraction, but the addition videos will help her to not forget what she already learned. Or so I hope.

Lesson Plans For 02/03/11:

Health: The kidneys
Spelling: Chapter 15
Math: Saxon 54
Language Arts: Adverbs, articles
Reading Comprehension With WS
Sign Language

Health: Body parts, family tree
Printing Practice
Seasons Lapbook: Winter snowman activities
Number Identification
Language Arts: Opposites, vowel digraphs, phonics
Dragon Coloring Picture
Find Words in a Group and Color
Words That Together: WS
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting

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