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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Macmillan/ McGraw Hill Free Online Science Resourse

Here is a free homeschool resource that you can use. We currently use this website for 5th grade Science review and testing. You can use it as you see fit for Science or other lessons in other grades. It will give you the lesson and then a quiz after. I write down the chapter and lesson and then record the test score in our learning journal. This is sufficient record keeping. I have used this website all this year and will use it next year as well for Caitlin in second grade. You do not have to homeschool your children to use any of the resources I list. You can simply want to supplement their education or review with them. This is also great for summer time if you are worried about them forgetting what they have learned.

Lesson Plans For 02/16/2011:

Head of the Class: 30 minutes
Social Studies: Chapter 19 Ancient Times
Map Skills
Math: Saxon 54
Language Arts: Declarative Sentences
Sign Language
Spelling: Chapter 17

Head of the Class: 30 minutes
Social Studies: Community Helpers art lesson
Valentines Day: Word Search
Printing Practice
Math: Subtraction, before and after numbers
Language Arts: Endings, words that go together, asking sentences
Calendar work, clock work, skip counting, sight words

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