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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Electronic Field Trip To Gulf Islands

Today we are going on a field trip, an electronic field trip to Gulf Islands. I found this website quite by accident, but I am so glad I did. Since my children are so into animals, water, plants, and conservation this is perfect for them. You do have to register, and it is on today, but it shows twice, and it can be watched later in their archives. There are lesson plans that you can print for free. We picked the Sea Turtle lesson plan. It is meant for a large class, but I will tweek it to make it work. I will add art work, and a writing assignment for DJ, to make it for two students. The field trip is one hour long. There are also other activities that you can sign up your kids for. I picked the Great Backyard Bird Count, and we will start that sometime in the near future. Your kids can get involved too, just click the links to check them out, and choose your activities. All are free.

We also have a play date at the park from 12-2, and will do Head of the Class, 30 minutes each child. Have a great Tuesday, everyone and happy learning.

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