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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Weather Fronts and Sea Turtles

Last Tuesday we went on an electronic field trip to Gulf Island Shores. I printed off the lesson about Sea Turtles, and this week we are finishing up with it. There are other lessons available as well that you can print, and other field trips you can take. View my archives for the full description. We are also still learning about Weather, and weather fronts are the topic today. The videos below will all add substance to your lessons and kids love to watch them. The pool is still not completely cleaned, and this blog needs a good link scrubbing as well. Both of these hopefully will be accomplished while we are on Spring Break next week.

Lesson Plans For 03/08/11:

Science: Sea turtles, weather fronts, thermometers
Head of the Class: 30 minutes
Spelling: Chapter 20 write each word three times each
Art: Draw sea turtles in natural habitat
Math: Saxon 54
Language Arts: Types of sentences
Sign Language
If time permits play weather games at Weather Wiz Kids

Science: Sea turtles, dinosaur coloring page
Art: Draw a sea turtle
Math: Money ID, subtraction, space shapes
Language Arts: Describing words, suffixes
Phonics: Letter g
Word Search
Reading: Happy and Max
Following Directions: Worksheet
Printing Practice
Clock work, calendar work, sight words, skip counting
Head of the Class: 30 minutes

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