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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Free Online Homeschool Lessons and Curriculum

This is a free website I want to share with my readers. If you hope to homeschool your kids right through to graduation, you need awesome resources like Hoagies. This website is cool, and has so much information you could spend hours just looking and learning about all they have to offer. I will definitely be using some of these links for next year. I have been disappointed with textbooks in the past, and though printing all the time is a kind of pain, I do like the curriculums I have found online, especially for Science so much better. I might not even use the textbooks I bought. The only hard part is if there is no test or way to eval what they learned. That makes it a bit difficult for portfolio reasons. That is one of the reasons I love having this blog. I can use to show what links and resources we have used. We are back to school Monday, yay!

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