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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Spartans

Wow yesterday was my 1,000th post! What a milestone. We had an awesome playdate at the park yesterday, and were able to ward off any thunder or rain, until later in the day. Today looks like another wet day, so not much outdoor activities to speak of. DJ continues with his lessons about Ancient times, and we are up to the Spartans. The three videos will help enhance his lesson, and yours too.

Lesson Plans For 03/30/11:

Social Studies: Ancient Times chapters 22 and 23, map skills
Spelling: Chapter 21, put words in alphabetical order
Math: Saxon 54
Head of the Class
If time permits Weather Whiz Kids games

Head of the Class
Social Studies: Time
Following Directions: Worksheet
Printing Practice: Sight Words
Word Search: Seashore words
Math: Subtraction
Phonics: Short I, and letter h
Colors and Shapes: Orange
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting


Evelyn said...

Melissa, congratulations! Writing this 1000th post is such an achievement!

More blog posts to come!

Ebie said...

Ooops, its me Ebie

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Ebie, and Evelyn, LOL!

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