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Friday, March 18, 2011

Bully Gets What He Deserves?

This video has been all over the news. First of all this happened in Australia, not the states, which news shows were not reporting. This boy reportedly has been being bullied for a year or more. He finally stood up for himself and body slammed the bully, after the boy punched him in the face. Now both boys have been suspended, and people are outraged, because they don't feel the second boy should have been suspended. First of all yes, he should have been suspended. If there is a no violence policy, then there is a no violence policy. However, how long can you expect a child to continue to turn the other cheek, to be the coward of the county if you will, and not do anything. Telling a teacher, or principal does not work. We all know this to be true. Don't advocate violence, yet it seems everyone advocated bullying. There are some newer strict laws against bullying, but a lot of schools are still lacking in this area. Yes, this boy could have seriously injured the bully, but what about all the pain and injury the boy being bullied has received over the years? I say good for him. You deserved to be suspended, but just take your punishment, and hold your head high. You broke a rule, but you also stood up for yourself. I say being suspended was well worth standing up to the creep who punched you right in your face. Teachers, parents, and principals get your shit together and start protecting children for real. Stop acting like it is a normal part of growing up. Step in and do something for real, then you won't see this kids explode after years being brutalized by bullies. If someone puts their hands on you, in a violent way, you have every right to protect yourself, and that includes fighting back. What do you think?

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