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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Blog Cleaning

We are on Spring Break for the next two weeks. You would think that means I am going to relax. Huh, not quite! I want to do some cleaning up of links on this blog, and share some of my favorite links that I haven't done a post on yet. I have so many of them to go through. Plus get rid of ones I am never going to use. I have house Spring cleaning to do, and the pool still needs quite a bit of attention, though it is looking pretty good right now. I hope to get some new jewelry made or gemstones identified, but I am not sure if that will happen. Report cards, books I am reading, and some other odds and ends round out the events. Jeesh I might need more than two weeks. If you are taking a Spring Break, what are your plans? We actually were going to go to Sea World again, but my husband couldn't get the time off. So we will be going the first week of April.


Catherine said...

Hope that you have a wonderful spring break..take some time to just relax. Blessings, Catherine

Melissa said...

Catherine, thank you, I hope to get some relaxing done too.

Lisa said...

Oh - taking a Spring Break sounds wonderful right now... But with all I have to get caught up on, there's just no way :-( Well...perhaps a *one day* break? Hmmm..
I'm following your blog now. Looking forward to reading more.

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