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Friday, March 4, 2011

Whew What A Week!

It has been a very busy week, this week. We were able to catch up on all our lessons yesterday, book lessons that is. We did a lot of fun, non book related activities this week. We still need to sign up for the Great Backyard Bird Watch, I will do that this morning. We missed the big count in February, but we can take part in that next year. We can still participate by logging birds we see everyday in our yard. We get lots of birds throughout the year, at different times. We always have Cardinals, Mocking Birds, and Morning Doves they nest in our trees. They are quite loud and vocal in the morning and evening, then we don't hear too much in the afternoon. You can sign yourself or your kids up as well. I wanted to do the bee one, but Caitlin is petrified of bees, so not a good idea. If you get a chance, please read my post from yesterday and rank my review I did on a book. I would love some feedback for the next one I do. That was my first book review.

I almost forgot, Anne at Small Town Mommy, has a new series on Fridays all about being dairy and gluten free. If you have to follow a dairy and gluten free diet, you need to check out her blog. She was very helpful when I asked her for a cupcake recipe, for a St Patrick's Day party. She repeats the series every Friday, so be sure to bookmark her site.

A quick note. I just went to sign up for the Great Backyard Bird Count, and if you want to enter daily bird reports, you need to sign up at Ebird. There are lots of great activities on the Great Backyard Bird Count website as well.


Irene said...

I read your review, and thought it was great! Did not know that was your 1st book review--you sounded like a pro.

I also follow small town mommy--loved her chocolate doughnut recipe this week...yum!!

Melissa said...

Thank you Irene. I am flattered. If you try the doughnut recipe let us all know how you liked them.

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