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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earth KAM by NASA

Are your kids learning about space? The Earth KAM website is put out by NASA and the International Space Station. You will be amazed at the images they are capturing. You can also use the Hubble Site, to get images from the Hubble Telescope. These are free and they have lesson plans and standards for your use in your public school classes, or homeschool classes. We have used these two sites a little bit, but next year we will be using it much more. Even though I bought DJ a Science textbook for next year, I will be using a lot of lesson plans I have found on some awesome websites that have more detailed lessons and activities all laid out and ready for you to use. See my archives for lessons from the National Zoo and Seaworld.


Anne said...

That is so cool. I love space. I wonder if it is because I am spacey?

Melissa said...

LOL probably not.

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