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Monday, March 7, 2011

Coins In My Hands

Caitlin is learning about money denominations, identifying money, and adding money. This cute video has a catchy tune to help your children learn about the amount each coin is worth. It is much cooler this week, here in FL, so I am hoping to get quite a bit of yard work done. It is a bit of a challenge with a new puppy in the house. It is just like having a new born baby, except way louder. We had been having laid back Monday's, but now I am picking it up a bit, to be sure nothing gets left off the curriculum by the end of the school year. Next week we go on Spring Break, so there will be plenty of time to relax then. Have an awesome Monday, everyone.

Lesson Plans For 03/07/11:

Head of the Class: 30 minutes
Math: Saxon 54
Reading Comprehension: With worksheet
Writing: Fishy Monday blog post
Language Arts: Simple sentences
Sign Language

Head of the Class: 30 minutes
Money Identification
Language Arts: Describing words, suffixes
Word Search: Weather
Phonics: Letter G
Reading: Happy and Max
Math: Subtraction, spacial figures
Animal Coloring Page
Following Directions: Worksheet
Printing Practice


betchai said...

I could not remember how my late mom taught me how to handle money, but if I can remember it right, we were given a very small allowance when we were at school, it started with everyday she gave us, then, they were not always enough to buy me the foods I wanted at school, maybe because she gave us food in lunchbox, so at the end of the week, I give all the money back to her, and later she brought me to the bank to deposit my money. slowly I guess, I learned how to spend those money, but I always was excited to deposit something in my bank :(

Melissa said...

Very clever way for your mom to teach you how to manage your money.

Evelyn said...

My father taught me the basics in money matters. We don't spend more than what we earn.

P.S. The photo of the jet was very deceiving. I angled it in such a way that you don't see the post where it holding on. It was stationary, haha! They were on display at the Edwards Air Force Base here in CA.

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie, you are very clever with your photography skills.

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