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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reinforce Math With AAA Math

Happy St Patrick's Day! Does your child struggle with math, or just needs some extra practice? Maybe you just like to reinforce math over breaks, and summer vacation. AAA Math could be a helpful resource for you. From Kindergarten through 8th Grade, these lessons and activities are very beneficial to any child learning math. If you are re-learning math, like me in order to teach it, or you are going back to school yourself, this website can also be very helpful to you. It is an easy to use website, though somewhat boring. It is difficult to find a math website that isn't boring, unless of course you love math. Check it out, and use it as you need, it is Free! If you already do use this site, please share your experience with all my readers.


Aysha said...

Thanks for sharing this site. I am always in the lookout to teach my kid more Math. He seems to enjoy things like counting and stuffs but I would need them for later lessons

Melissa said...

Aysha you are very welcome.

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