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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Beautiful Butterfly Picture

We have a Mimosa Tree that hangs over into our yard. It gets bigger every year, and now makes an archway over the fence that is beautiful. It attracts tons of butterflies. Yesterday, DJ snapped this shot, plus a few others, of this one butterfly that particularly loves the Mimosa tree. These are the same ones we generally get each year to this tree. My mom also has a Mimosa tree, and she gets hundreds in a day. We only get one or two, but maybe someday hundreds. The Hibiscus bush we planted does not have any flowers yet to attract butterflies, or hummingbirds, soon I hope.

Today DJ is venturing into a topic, I am not sure I am ready for. Preparing for puberty, ugh! It doesn't seem possible that it is time for this already. Better for me to tell him than his buddies. Oh well I better stop putting it off.


Kristy said...

Beautiful pic of the butterfly and we used to have a Mimosa tree in my Mom and Dad's yard when I was growing up and I loved that tree. I wish I had one here where I live now.

Anne said...

I have never heard of a mimosa tree but I am guessing it is a plant that would not be happy here in the northeast. Puberty is a scary topic (for mom). And it doesn't stop. You get to keep having conversations for the next few years.

Ebie said...

Boys or kids just grow up so fast and they ask those sometimes "silly" questions about puberty, LOL!

The mimosa blooms are so bright and attracts these butterflies. I have a hard time take photos of them, unless they are in an enclosure.

Its butterfly season, and I might go the the County Museum to see them.

Happy Mother's Day!

Melissa said...

Thank you Ms Kristy, and Ms Anne, and Ms Ebie I thought I was prepared to discuss puberty, I think I was wrong, LOL!

betchai said...

beautiful butterfly, love seeing them fluttering around too, have a happy Mother's day Melissa

Melissa said...

Thanks Betchai, you too.

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