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Monday, May 2, 2011

Parts Of A Newspaper

We are nearing the end of our school year, and I am evaluating to be sure everything got covered. We are good, with just some loose ends to tie up. DJ still has to complete his math book, and Story of the World, for his major curriculums. We will begin review soon on all other materials covered, hopefully by next week. Today DJ has to go through all his pictures, to decide which ones to print for his 4H project book, plus he is doing a writing assignment on the very beautiful Blanket Octopus, so be sure to check out his blog. He learned about the Blanket Octopus from the movie Oceans. He has other assignments as well, but they may be done on other days, depending on time.

Caitlin is continuing with place value, Head of the Class, calendar work, time, sight words, skip counting, and phonics. Should be a busy day.

In current events Osama Bin Laden, was captured and killed. This is great closure for our country. I just worry about what will happen next.

As you can see by the video, DJ needs to learn the parts of a newspaper, a fun assignment that he can enjoy.


Anne said...

I can't believe school is almost finished for the year. The last couple of months have just flown by.

betchai said...

yeah, school is almost over, time flies, good luck to Caitlin's and DJ's last days of school. This year, because of my too many requirements, I am so tired now I am glad school is soon over, but looking forward to next school year where I don't have to study and teach, I just teach and will no longer have to deal with my own homework and assignments.

Melissa said...

I can't believe it either. I am ready for summer break though.

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