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Monday, May 16, 2011

Julius Caesar

DJ is finishing up his Story of the World Ancient Times, and he is up to the chapters on Julius Ceasar. There are like four chapters on just him alone. Use the videos below in conjunction with your written materials.

I worked extra over the weekend, night shift, so I feel like I had three days of nothing accomplished at home. My husband did not feel well over the weekend but the doctor's office was closed, of course. He did go to work today but called me to say he was going to see the doctor, that he was in a lot of pain. So now I wait to hear back from him, with what the doctor says.

Lesson Plans For 05/16/11:

Writing: Blog post on food allergens
Math: Saxon 54
Science: Energy
History: Ancient Times chapter 36

Head of the Class: Two cycles
Calendar work, clock work, sight words, skip counting
Reading: Happy and Max
Math: Fractions, patterns, addition
Language Arts: Spell short i, letter P
Sight Words: Word search, sentence fill ins


Anne said...

I hope your husband feels better soon. Have a relaxing day at home after all the extra work.

Kristy said...

Oh dear! I hope your hubby is going to be ok. Keep us updated if you can. Have a great day Ms. Melissa!

Melissa said...

He is fine. He does need to take an antibiotic which means he is home for the rest of Monday and Tuesday.

Rezervesana said...

Thanks for the info ! I enjoyed your post !

Melissa said...

Thank you

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