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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Website For Ereader Reviews

As you all know I homeschool my children. DJ is 10 and Caitlin is 7. We currently own a laptop and a PC. However, I know at some point in their education I am going to have to invest in an Ereader. I found a great website that does Ereader reviews. If you are anything like me, then you want to know the pros and cons of each one before you purchase. You will see the specs for each Ereader shown on the website, the price, quality, as well as pluses and minuses.

First off why do I say, "Someday I am going to need to invest in an Ereader?" Well for one thing technology is always changing, and if I want my kids to compete in this world we will have to at least attempt to keep up with it. Second, and anyone who has ever carried a textbook knows they are extremely heavy. The Ereader makes buying textbooks not only more affordable, but also light and compact. A textbook purchased on an Ereader is around 50 dollars, give or take a few dollars, where a textbook bought in regular book form is anywhere from 150 dollars and up. You can easily see how the Ereader would save money.

That brings me to the next topic. Would I actually use an Ereader for myself? My husband was going to get me a Barnes & Noble Nookcolor for Christmas last year. He said he didn't because he wasn't sure if I would use it. I must admit, I am sort of old school. I love the feel, texture and smell of a good book. I love turning the pages. So I guess I am stimulated by the feel of the book in my hands. With an Ereader you don't get the smell, or turning of the pages sensation. With that said I think I would very much enjoy an Ereader. I love the Nookcolor because it is in color, isn't too large or bulky and has other multimedia functions I would enjoy. If the kids and I shared one, then that would save on the expense of owning three. Maybe I can talk my husband into getting me one this year. What do you think? I know my kids would love to use one. They both enjoy reading, and with all the books added everyday they would never run out of reading material, both for school and leisure time reading.

Plus, and this is very important, I really do not like all these books lying around my house. I usually end up donating them or giving them away. An Ereader would save me a lot of time and space of dealing with all these textbooks and reading books. provides you with all the different Ereaders available, their features, as well as the bonus and pitfalls of each one. To help you make a sound and wise purchase, check out the website before you purchase. Then you will be happy with your new Ereader and enjoy it for years to come.

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