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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Regal Cinemas Summer Movie Express

Each year I have posted the Regal Summer Express movie campaign. In years past these movies were offered for free, but this year they are not free. It still will only cost you one dollar admission, on the available dates, which is close enough to free for me. There are movies at the end of June, and July plus we are having family visit from NY, and this would be an affordable day event. If you would like to check out the available dates and movies for Florida, just click the link. If you live outside of Florida, just enter your state or zip code to find participating Regal cinemas in your area.


Kristy said...

Thanks for posting this Ms. Melissa. When do the $1 movies start?

betchai said...

this is great to know, I will check if there is something like this too in CA. hope you have a wonderful weekend, Melissa.

Melissa said...

Ms Kristy they start in June, if you click the link it will show the theaters near you probably Lake City or Gainesville.

You are welcome Betchai, they have participating theaters in most major areas.

Kristy said...

Thanks Ms. Melissa!

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