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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Asphalt Is Made

Today DJ has a Science lesson on how roads are paved. The video below explains how asphalt is made. It does skip here and there, so you have to be patient. Tomorrow I will share some cute Memorial Day crafts I found, for the younger kids. Both kids continue towards finishing up the remainder of their school work and looking forward to summer break. We are also in the review process. Even though we take a summer break, Caitlin will continue with Head of the Class first grade lessons each day over the summer. Why? Because we didn't start it until January and I would like her to complete first grade so I can use the second grade as her main lessons next year. DJ is no longer doing it, because it was too much with all his other lessons included. I probably will not use the sixth grade for him, even if they release it before next year starts, because I already have his curriculum set out. DJ will also take the summer to do a math lesson each day, to complete the Saxon 54 book and begin Saxon 65 in the Fall. He may have a couple more ancient times lessons to complete as well, but not many. He will begin Medieval Times in the Fall. We only have like ten more days left in the school year, and everyone is ready for a break.

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