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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Learning To Draw Lips and Mouths

OK sometimes art class gets pushed to the back burner, when other things like math, reading, and writing need attention. My kids love art and so this week we are going to try and focus some on drawing and art. A while back I stated DJ had an interest in drawing portraits. In my archives is a video showing how to draw eyes. Now we come to the lips and mouth, and next week I will post how to do a nose and so on from there.

We usually do movie day on Fridays, towards the end of the school year. Due to other things this past Friday, movie day will be tomorrow. It was Caitlin's turn to pick and she picked, The Fox and the Hound 2.

DJ has completed all his writing assignments for the year, but he has decided to do a poem on his family, tomorrow. That should be interesting! Be sure to check his blog to read it. DJ will also have to do a math assignment and either Science or History tomorrow.

Caitlin will be doing Head of the Class and other assignments I throw her way.


betchai said...

i'll sure go there after here to check DJ's poem Melissa. So proud of you how you encourage your kids to write.

Melissa said...

It won't be done until Monday, but he loves all the comments you leave for him, and thank you.

Anne said...

My girls love art. My older daughter takes a painting class. You have to love movie day as part of school. I hope DJ will send Libby a link to his poem.

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