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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Swimming Fun!

I really hate it when there is a holiday on a Monday, now I feel like I don't know what day it is. But, it is Tuesday, and on Tuesdays we have our playdates. Since it is already scorching hot here in sunny Florida, playdates mean swim dates. Over the weekend my husband, the kids, and even Lucky enjoyed the nice cool pool. Biscuit is 80 pounds so she only gets in once in a while, though she does love it. It is too hard to get her safely in and out of the pool, to let her swim every time. Lucky only weighs like 8 pounds.

Over the weekend, DJ and I also discussed his math. He has been using Saxon 54 all year. It was given to me after we could not find a math program that really suited his wants and needs. He likes it, so I will stick with Saxon. However, I did not realize what the 54 numbers actually meant. They mean the end of fourth grade and beginning to halfway through fifth grade. Not exactly what I intended, so starting yesterday we went ahead and decided to begin Saxon 65. That way he is at the end of fifth grade and beginning to middle of sixth grade by the end of next year. It is kind of confusing, but I know I used the Saxon textbooks when I went to school and didn't have any problems on Math standardized tests. I have gotten all the books through Algebra, so we are sticking with it.

Next week is the end of our regular school year. Caitlin will continue with Head of the Class through the summer months. I want her to complete first grade, and begin second grade on time in the Fall. She has actually done double curriculum for first grade by the time she finishes, because she completed the other one already. Head of the Class is going to be her main curriculum next year for Second Grade. Because we didn't find Head of the Class until January, that is why she is finishing up First Grade over the summer.


Anne said...

The pool looks so refreshing! Monday holidays always throw me off too.

betchai said...

oh, is it only me probably enjoying the Monday holiday treat? the pool looks so cool for kids to have fun and enjoy

Kristy said...

It sounds like you have some great curriculum planned for next year. Also, your pool looks very refreshing.

Melissa said...

Thanks guys we had a blast with our friends. We have some new friends to the group, so that is always nice too.

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