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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Day Of Painting Class

My mom has mastered the Donna Dewberry painting style. She paints on everything, and is really good at it. She is our Art teacher this year, and today is our first lesson. This will repeat every other Wednesday throughout the school year. It is a one hour class. I will be sure to take pictures to record our progress. I am hoping by the end of the year, we can all master the rose, the most difficult of her techniques. This morning we have walking, and in the afternoon is History and Math. DJ is not finding the Story of the World: The Middle Ages, to be all that challenging for him. That is probably my fault, because I started the series in fifth grade. So he will be doing two chapters, or three, instead of just one. Caitlin is doing the most fun book on the Plymouth Colonies, I will share it tomorrow. I really like it. Here is two more videos in the series about the Middle Ages.


Anne said...

Good luck with the painting. My older daughter loves painting so she would be really happy to have an entire year dedicated to it.

Melissa said...

We had a blast. In two weeks we are painting on pumpkins and gourds. Can't wait.

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