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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Safety In The Science Lab

We don't do a lot of lab type stuff, though we do experiments. I wanted to begin Chemistry this year, but I am not sure it will get fit in. DJ's science lesson today is about safety in the Science lab. The cute rap song in the video will help your child remember the safety rules of the lab.

Last night was our first 4H meeting. DJ got elected to be Historian this year. Caitlin is not yet old enough to hold an officer position. Not that she cares, she was too busy playing with her new friend that comes now.

Lesson Plans For 10/18/11:

Cursive Writing
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 40
Reading Comprehension
Science: Classifying animals test, Safety in the lab, 4H entomology
Language Arts: Exclamation points
Writing: Review the writing process

Head of the Class: Two cycles
Sight Words: Printing
Science: Order to plant a flower, 4H entomology, pet pals
Social Studies: Fire safety- matches
Math: Saxon 1
Language Arts: Same and different, D or T words


randomcreative said...

Videos like that are perfect. I'm always surprised at how much kids like them. Even when they seem really corny to adults, the kids usually enjoy them.

Melissa said...

This one was kind of catchy, lol. My kids like a variety of ways to learn, as I assume all kids do.

Anonymous said...

My Env. Science teacher let us listen to this it was so AWESOME!!!!

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