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Thursday, October 13, 2011

How To Make A Compass and How To Make A Snake Bite Kit

So after heading out yesterday to the nature refuge to pick up garbage, I learned that I didn't feel really prepared. Even though I had a first aid kit, it didn't seem complete. One I didn't have a compass, and two no snake bite kit. You can make a compass, which we will do as a Science project, but it isn't really practical to lug around a cup of water with a needle in it. So I will buy a compass. Also if you watch the snake bite kit video, you will see that buying a kit would be much easier than making one. So I will hopefully find one locally. Hunting and camping is big here, so I don't see it being a problem. These items will then be added to our first aid kit. I also read up on alligators. They are not usually aggressive, except during mating and birthing season. So they start mating in like April and babies are done being born about July, so we won't be in the woods at that time. I really don't think when it is 100 and buggy I really want to be out there anyways. I didn't get to do any research on water moccasins, also called the cotton mouth, but I will get to it.

Lesson Plans For 10/13/11:

Writing: Short story reminders and discussion about story he is writing
Math: Saxon 65 chapter 39
Science: Scale drawing
Language Arts: Question marks in quotations- review
Reading: A Christmas Carol
History: Chapter 7 The Middle Ages with test questions and Map Skills

Math: Saxon 1, addition, drawing shapes
Head of the Class: Two cycles
Social Studies: Fire safety, The New World listen and read
Science: Flowers, weather and temperature
Language Arts: Animal adjectives, is and are in a sentence

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