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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Free Teacher Resources And Lesson Plans

Look at this adorable poncho my mom made for Caitlin. It is so sweet. She left off the button at the collar, because Caitlin specifically does not like things tight around her neck.

For any of you that are looking for free teacher resources, and free lessons you can check out Discovery Education. I have not used any of them yet, because we are using the National Zoo curriculum this year in part. There is not just Science, there is Social Studies, Math and English as well. So check it out if you need some good resources.

Tomorrow night I have to work. It is not my usual night, and I am already stressing over it, because it seems like I am losing a day this week. Tomorrow is also the last day of the grading period for the first semester. So I will be doing report cards in the near future. At least I am pretty much caught up on grading, not one of my stronger points. It is so tedious.

Lesson Plans For 10/20/2011:
Science: Review and test for chapter 2
Health: The Skeletal system
Math: Chapter 41 Saxon 65
Reading: Field Work with questions
Spelling: Chapter 33
Language Arts: Exclamation points
Analogies: Finish questions not done from previous assignment

Head of the Class: 2 cycles
Math: Measuring inches, subtraction, skip counting
Language Arts: Big vs little
Printing Practice
Same vs Different WS
Sight words
Clock work
Calendar work
Complete all unfinished work for the week
Reading: The Last Puppy


Anne said...

The poncho is fabulous! Your mom is so talented. Painting and sewing! I am impressed.

Melissa said...

Thank you Anne. She does so many other things too, I probably could never list them all.

Ebie said...

Very nice! The colors are beautiful. Your mom is so artistic!

P.S. Melissa I have been getting SPAM messages from blogging for fun, so I have unsubscribe.

Please check the members.

Thanks, Ebie

Melissa said...

Ms Ebie thank you for letting me know. I have removed that member and blocked them. I did not receive any of them, so they must have went to my spam folder. I would love to get us doing some group posts again when everyone has time.

Free Teacher Resources said...

Lesson planning is one of the most important skill a teacher can learn. It helps a teacher organize his or her thoughts and helps them to divide the time available appropriately. Thanks a lot.

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