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Monday, October 17, 2011

Pumpkin Sugar Cookies On Lollipop Sticks

Tonight is our first official 4H meeting of the new year. Over the summer there were some banquets and stuff, but this is a new year now. Everyone should bring a treat, and I always try to bake something fun. This helps the kids learn to follow directions, and basic cooking skills. I saw these cute sugar cookies with lollipop sticks in the grocery store, and I couldn't resist. We made the frosting orange so they look like pumpkins. Since DJ doesn't like the sprinkles, and I assume others might not as well, some were left naked without sprinkles. You can see the results in the pictures.

DJ completed most of his homework over the weekend, but did not do his writing post, so it will be done today. This was no fault of his own. I was a grouch and refused to lend him the use of the computer. Bad teacher I was. Besides cooking class, DJ did History, since Wednesday is History day, and we will be doing painting class. That way he does not miss an assignment and no homework. Chores and spelling round out the Monday school day for both kids. They are also watching the Gallapagos, which is a documentary on Nat Geo Wild that we tivoed. Caitlin had a book free day, as her room was dirty enough to occupy all her chores. I wish I knew how to make them see that being a slob is not a good thing. Tomorrow is Science, yay our favorite subject.

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