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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Seaworld, Fun With Leaves and Hard Light Photos

Wow it has been a busy week already! Yesterday we did a photo shoot for DJ's 4H book. He had to take hard light pictures, which means full sunlight. These are hard on your subjects because we have to squint and make funny faces to see. The rose and the lizard fared better in the direct sunlight. I love this top picture of Caitlin. She is in the direct sun, but shading herself with an umbrella, love it. The other pictures are fun in the leaves.

I am trying to give up regular Pepsi for diet Pepsi. I am not sure if it is the sugar or the caffeine that I am so addicted to, but I am finding this extremely difficult. We have been walking at least three times a week, so drinking soda and other junk really doesn't make a whole lot of sense. So I keep trying. Pray for me, I need all the help I can get.

If anyone read my previous post, then you know I had to go over report cards with the kids. Caitlin was very happy, she got all A's, this really is not hard for her and I may need to add more challenges for her. DJ is an overall average of 86 for all grade combined. I myself am very happy with this, since Science and Math are exceptionally harder this year. But, he is not happy. So, I asked him what Math and Science grade would make him happy. To my astonishment he said a 90 in Science and a 95 in Math would make him happy. As you probably read DJ's math grade especially is not where he wants it, because he does not check his work, doesn't answer completely, or rushes. It is not because he doesn't understand the material. So, I said to him a quote from a story he just read recently, " All Things Worth Having Are Worth Working Hard For." He looked at me oddly and said he didn't get it. The story was about a young girl who worked all summer in the fields so her family could go on a trip back to their country to visit. She was tired and sore and didn't think she could go anymore. Her mother said that quote to her, and it inspired her to finish up the work. I said to DJ how badly do you want a 95 in Math? Is it worth it to you to attain that goal? He said, yes. So I repeated the quote again. If it is worth a value to you then it is worth it for you to slow down, check your work and be sure you have done your best. Do some extra Math work to keep you fresh. If you want it you have to work for it. He said OK, I really want it. So we will see how bad he wants it.

Tomorrow we take our final trip to Seaworld. We get to feed the dolphins this time and hopefully we will get some more great pictures to share. Since DJ needs a photo with the topic of people, I think this will be a great place to get an awesome shot. Back to regular lessons Thursday and Friday, and a little double work even. I am loving this Florida weather right now. Cool at night and very warm in the daytime. Today we had a playdate at the park and the weather is spectacular. It makes the school work we did over the summer pay off now. BTW the lizard in the picture was no bigger than my fingernail plus his tail of course. He was so cold he was barely moving. Sitting on the porch trying to warm up. I hope he didn't get eaten.

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