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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Last Hoorah!

Yesterday was sadly our last trip to Seaworld on our year pass. The kids and I could go forever, just to feed the dolphins. It was the most amazing experience. It is hard to take pictures of live animals and feed them at the same time, LOL! I almost dunked the camera several times. You could pet them, and talk to them we loved it! The Shamu show was a new show and since the park was basically not busy there was only like 10 min waits for attractions. That meant we got to ride, see shows, eat and see all exhibits in one day. We didn't get to do that the other times. It was quite warm so we were more than happy to sit in the soak zone for the dolphin show, which was splendid I might add. Not as splendid as feeding the dolphins but still splendid. We will miss going to Seaworld, we can always go again, but there are other places we want to visit. A great day indeed!


Shaik said...

Great pictures! Thanks for the share, I have to go Seaworld.

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Rose said...

It looks like a fun trip! Beautiful pictures.

betchai said...

so happy for you all for you had a wonderful time at Sea World Melissa, I love those feeding pictures, I know what you mean, I hide my camera away actually when I want to pet the dolphins :) they splash so hard they can make your camera very wet. when i want to take pictures, i move away from the pool :)

Melissa said...

Thank you to all of you. Betchai I wanted to get some really good feeding shots. I am so glad I didn't dunk the camera. These dolphins only splashed a little, not too much.

Tes said...

So many lovely photos, Mel! Glad to know you guys had fun! Geez, the kids are growing up too fast. When I fist started blogging some three years past, Caitlin was only 5. I kinda miss our funfriday group. Hope all is well, girl! :)

Melissa said...

Tes thank you! All is well here, we are very busy most of the time. I miss our group posts too. Everyone is so busy though.

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