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Monday, October 3, 2011

How To Grow Pumpkins

Yesterday we went down to the county building to make a scarecrow with our 4H group. The theme of ours was, We Flip for 4H. I forgot the camera because I worked all night, slept and got up to go. I wasn't exactly all there. I will try to stop down and get a shot. I did get one with the cell but I can't seem to email it to myself like I used to be able to do.

Today was Fall cleaning day. While we always clean there are times when the whole house needs a good cleaning, sorting and organizing. Today was that day. Everyone worked hard and we got a lot done. I still have more I want to do, so good thing for me I am off this weekend.

Wednesday is our first painting class with my mother. We decided since I can't seem to get to her very often, by myself, that she would teach us all to paint. We are excited!!!

Since it is now officially Fall, all throughout the season I will be sharing all kinds of fun and interesting crafts, food and anything else I find to help brighten your days. Todays video features how to grow pumpkins. Check it out. Tomorrow we are back to our regular lessons as per usual.


Anne said...

I can't believe you cleaned everything yesterday! You go. I need to do that some day (yes, I am fantasizing about it). Good luck with the painting class tomorrow.

Melissa said...

Not everything, LOL! But a whole lot.

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