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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homework Yes or No?

Homework, are you for it or against it? The reason I ask, well there are two reasons, I am curious if other homeschoolers give homework and how public school moms feel about the amount of homework their children receive. Why do I care? Well DJ occasionally likes homework. For example this week we were very busy doing fun learning activities which takes away from book work that still needs to be completed. Since Friday is usually a casual type education day, I took this option away to do a full day of book work. DJ was none to happy, and requested he do homework over the weekend for a shorter Friday. So today he has reading with questions, and tomorrow writing and an art project, plus he is going to church. He may find he doesn't really care for homework. When DJ was in public school, mind you he only went K and 1st grade, they had homework every night and on the weekends. It so irritated me. I do not think kids that young should be, nor do they need homework. Middle school and high school yes, well maybe, but only if they can't get the assignment completed during school hours. If a child is in advanced classes, like I was in nursing school in high school, then homework is going to be expected. Those are my feelings on homework. What say you?


BrSpiritus said...

I've awarded you The Versatile Blogger Award. Details can be found at:

The Versatile Blogger Award

Anne said...

I think homework helps to further concepts that are taught in the classroom. The problem is when there is so much homework that it takes a long time to complete. I will say that my kids usually don't get homework on weekends.

Melissa said...

Thank you about the award and Ms Anne I don't think I have ever liked homework, and it has carried over into my adult years.

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