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Thursday, October 6, 2011

I Love Painting Class!

OK I will try to explain the pictures and you might have to click to see them. My mom's goal for yesterday was to learn some basic brush steps and blending colors. You would think this is easy but no not really. This is Caitlin's samples. We are also learning pumpkins. Our next class we are actually going to paint on pumpkins. The kids want scary faces, and I will probably do a pretty pumpkin, LOL! My mom gave the kids cheaper brushes to begin with, because as she thought they had more fun mixing colors and scrunching the brushes up. Caitlin worked on what she calls worm leaves. Not sure what a worm leaf is but she was enjoying it.

This is DJ's sample papers. You can tell the difference with the cheap brush, and nice brush. He was struggling with the cheap, stiff brush, so I let him use mine. He did much better with the more expensive, flexible brush. I will be purchasing more nice brushes tomorrow for them both.

These are my samples. Again, you can see the difference from the cheap brush, to the nicer brush. I used the cheap one so DJ could have the nicer one. It is amazing the difference. I did find another nice one, and I continued with the nicer samples. We learned a lot in just one hour. My goal is by the end of the year, each of us will be able to make a perfect rose bud, like shown in the teacher's samples. She even gave us homework. Argh can you believe it! Homework! I don't even give homework. But, it is fun homework. We have to watch the basics Donna Dewberry video, at least two times before the next class, which is in two weeks. We are watching it tomorrow, and the next Friday, so no problem there.

I hope you click these, and see what I mean when I say this is what we want to learn to do. These are the teacher's samples, otherwise known as Mom and Nonie to us. This is what my mom spit out in the time it took us to load a brush, and properly blend. Man she is fast. We discussed other things we want to do. As I mentioned we are doing pumpkins the next class. Then for November we are going to do some kind of turkey project, and Christmas we are painting Snowmen on bottles as gifts. We will put lights in the bottles to accentuate the paintings. Wish us luck! I am so grateful my mom offered to be our Art teacher.

This book down here, is the book I promised to tell you about. It is an Evan Moor book called Life in the Plymouth Colony. Only Caitlin is using this, as DJ has covered this in past years and he is a little old for it. You make pockets for each set of stories in the book. It is fun and crafty while you learn. Caitlin loves it. There are others too, and I will be choosing one for next year as well.


randomcreative said...

Thanks for sharing your artistic adventures! Great stuff.

MissMOE said...

You've inspired me to use my Micheals coupon on some good brushes. And we love all the history pockets we've used as well.

Melissa said...

Random thank you. Miss Moe, you will definitely notice a difference. Be sure to share your adventures.

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