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Friday, February 27, 2009

American Idol Review

I can not post the videos because youtube has put a hold on them for some reason. But I can still discuss it. It was obvious to me that Adam, and Allison would go through. They were both amazing. I was very surprised by Kris. I liked him, and he sang very well, but I did not think it was anything drastically amazing. I thought Megan would have been the third contestant to go through this week. She was unique, and has a great voice. She can not dance, and is very awkward looking on the stage, but her voice was great. It was nice to see Brooke White back, and performing her new single. It was a nice song, she is probably one of the nicest contestants there has ever been. This one I can put up, listen to it, it is soft and lovely. I hope she does well, go Brooke.


betchai said...

Oh I too am glad to see Brooke White singing her first album, I hope she really will do well. It was such a nice song she gave, hope it will make records.

Melissa said...

She is so sweet, and kind, I hope she does well.

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