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Monday, February 2, 2009

The Month Of Hearts

February is all about hearts, love, and of course Valentines Day. Which got me thinking, about health care, and taking care of your heart. As a nurse of course that subject, is near, and dear to my heart. Heart Disease is still considered one of the leading causes of death for men, and second in women. Our kids are getting heart disease at much younger ages, due to inactivity, and poor diets. Heredity of course always plays a part as well, but that is not a risk you can control. One of the most important things I think one can do, if they have a loved one with known Heart Disease, or increased risk for Heart Disease, is to learn CPR. CPR can help you keep enough oxygenated blood circulating through the body, for the ambulance to administer advanced life support, and increase the chance of survival. Plus you will learn about symptoms of a Heart Attack, Stroke, Angina, and Choking situations, and what to do. If you have children, these classes are especially beneficial because they teach you how to handle a child who is choking. Most children will not require CPR, but they do suffer breathing problems from choking, ingestion of chemicals, or other airway ailments. These classes will teach you what, and how to react in these situations. You can even take these classes online. If you are a first time learner, it probably would be best to take a hands on class at the Red Cross, or American Heart Association. Some local hospitals, and fire departments also offer these classes. If your CPR card has expired, and you feel comfortable with your skills, you can take an online class. I use Their videos are excellent, and complete. Note this is not a paid post, it is for informational, and educational purposes. I will be adding other informational heart tips, through Valentines Day.

Lesson Plans for 2/3/09:

Reading: Chapter 4 of Ghost Town at Sundown
Science: Magnets
PE: 30 minutes
Language Arts: Subjects of sentences, commas
Math: Puzzle practice, multiplication, division
Spelling: Lesson 18- write each spelling word, and circle the consonants
Vocabulary: Lesson 18- Use each vocabulary word in a sentence
Writing: The most important person in my life

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