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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Our Changing Earth

Today for Science class, we are learning about our changing Earth. Here are 3 vidoes that we will be using to supplement, the lesson plan. I find my kids learn best, if they can see it as well as hear it, or read it. Fell free to watch them, and use them. The 4D Globe one, is really cool.

Lesson Plans For 2/25/09:

Fire Drill Week
Reading: Chapter 6 of Vacation Under the Volcanoes
Social Studies: Shelters of animals and people
Language Arts: commas, proof reading
Math: Line plots, multiplication, division
Writing: We need teachers
Spelling: Lesson 22- write each spelling word and circle the consonants
Vocabulary: Lesson 22- think of a synonym for each vocabulary word
Spanish: review

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