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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Florida Looks For Federal Relief

I see a double sword with this article. Florida, is almost completely broke, and soon to be in a crisis mode. Governor Charlie Crist is lobbying for the stimulus plan to be approved in the Senate. I am all for a stimulus plan, but at least 50-60% of the so called stimulus plan, is just garbage, not stimulus. As a Floridian I can see why this state needs Federal assistance, yet I am still on the hedge about it. These are the numbers posted in a local newspaper as to money and its breakdown.

8 Billion dollars: that is the amount of money already cut by Florida lawmakers, with more likely to come.
There are currently 752,000 Floridians out of work, and increasing.
The amount of the projected stimulus plan in Congress is 825 Billion dollars, and growing.
As tax payers in the US we have already footed the 700 Billion dollar TARP plan, which to my knowledge did not succeed to do anything to stimulate the economy.
4 Billion dollars, to increase Federal money for Medicaid. Do not misunderstand me this country needs healthcare for everyone, that is affordable and available. It is how we are going to go about it that has me worried. 4 Billion is a lot to ask of taxpayers.
7Billion for Transportation projects. I am kind of unsure of how this will stimulate Florida's economy at all. Most of the jobs lost here are in construction, and the housing market, not transportation. That one has me baffled.

It seems to be getting only worse, and the Congress seems to have no real conclusions, only spending and taxing. I am not someone who is anti tax. I believe we need to pay taxes, but I also believe we need some real transparency, and accountability as to how, and where taxes are used. What do you think about the financial situation in your state, and the stimulus bill being pushed in Congress?

It is obvious to me Florida needs help, and we need it soon. But so do a lot of other states, that do not have the luxury of millions of visitors to their state every year, as Florida does.

Lesson Plans for 2/5/09:

Reading: Chapter 6 of Ghost Town at Sundown
Health: Healthful leisure activities
Language Arts: reviewing sentences, punctuation
Math: Problem solving, multiplication, division
Writing: The thing that I do best is
Vocabulary: Lesson 18- write each vocabulary word, and definition 2x each
Spelling: Lesson 18- put the spelling words in alphabetical order
PE: 30 minutes

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