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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Dealing With Stress For A Healthy Heart

Keeping on the subject of heart health, lets talk about Stress. I think a lot of people forget about Stress when managing their health, and Heart Disease. Stress is one of the risk factors you can control, but it is not always easy. Meditating, counting to 1o, taking a relaxing bath, a walk, reading, crafts, writing a journal, deep breathing exercises, and listening to music are all things that can help relieve Stress. Relieving Stress is important because it causes your blood vessels to constrict, increasing the pressure in your blood vessels. If you already have Heart Disease this can bring on chest pain, shortness of breath, or feelings of anxiety. If you do not yet have Heart Disease managing your stress, can help decrease your risk of getting Heart Disease.

You probably do not think of children, and Stress. But they experience Stress too, and very often do not know how to talk, or deal with it. That can lead to mood swings, depression, behavior changes, drops in grades, and worse Suicide. Finding ways for children to deal with Stress, is just as important, as for adults. This site is a favorite of mine for all kinds of Health topics for kids. The page will take you to all kinds of subjects kids face, about feelings, that can cause them undo Stress. Check it out with your kids, and teach them the importance of handling Stress early in life.

Lesson Plans for 2/4/09:

Reading: Chapter 5 Ghost Town at Sundown
Social Studies: Flat maps, and globes
Language Arts: Predicates, punctuation
Math: Problem solving, multiplication, division
Writing: 3 wishes for my birthday
Vocabulary: Lesson 18- think of a synonym for each vocabulary word
Spelling: Lesson 18- write each spelling word and circle the vowels


betchai said...

this is very true, i have a younger brother who eats very healthy since we were young since he reads a lot of health books, but he is the first one to develop hypertension amongst us due to work stress :( but anyway he is doing okay now since he tries to bike each day, biking has become his stress reliever.

Melissa said...

Very good point betchai. Even the seemingly healthiest person can get Heart Disease. Stress of course would play a huge factor in that. I am glad your brother is adjusting well.

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