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Monday, February 9, 2009

Using A Compass, Valentines Day

Tomorrow for Science class we will be studying about using a compass. I have a work sheet from our Science book, but I thought a little video to supplement would be good. Here is a short, and simple video on how to use a Compass, that we will be using. Of course having a compass, and actually using it helps to extend the lesson as well.

Lesson Plans for 2/10/09:

Science: Using a compass
Reading: Read chapter 8 Ghost Town at Sundown
Language Arts: Common and proper nouns, punctuation
Math: Multiplication, division, measuring maps
Writing: When I grow up I want to be a
Vocabulary: Lesson 19- use each vocabulary word in a sentence
Spelling: Lesson 19- Write each spelling word and circle the consonants
PE: 30 minutes


betchai said...

wow, this is very helpful video melissa, especially for us, i have been spoiled by GPS that i have not mastered the use of compass in hiking even though i know compass is more reliable since with GPS, battery can ran out as well.

Melissa said...

I am so glad you found it useful. That is my goal.

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